Protein Allosteric Sites Server

PASSer is developed by Tao research group from the Department of Chemistry at Southern Methodist University.

The computational resources are provided by SMU and the Center for Scientific Computing.

Please refer to the Tutorial page for guidance.

If you find this server useful, please cite:
1. Tian, H., Jiang, X. Tao, P. PASSer: prediction of allosteric sites server. Machine Learning: Science and Technology, 2021, 2(3), p.035015.
2. Xiao S, Tian H, Tao P. PASSer2.0: Accurate Prediction of Protein Allosteric Sites Through Automated Machine Learning. ChemRxiv, 2021.

Contact Information:
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Peng Tao
Department of Chemistry
Southern Methodist University
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Dallas, TX 75275-0314

Fondren Science Room 143
Phone: (214) 768-8802
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